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Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the Pipe Roll Society held at the National Archives, Kew, on Tuesday 26 June 2018 at 16.00

Present: Dr David Crook (chairman), Dr Sophie Ambler, Professor Paul Brand, Professor David Carpenter, Dr Richard Cassidy, Dr Paul Dryburgh, Mr Dean Irwin, Dr Adrian Jobson, Dr Nicholas Karn, Dr John Maddicott, Dr Kathleen Neal, Dr Jessica Nelson, Professor Daniel Power, Dr Michael Ray, Professor Nicholas Vincent, Professor Scott Waugh, and Professor Louise Wilkinson.

1. Apologies were received from Professor Brian Kemp and Dr Henry Summerson.

2. The minutes of the previous meeting were adopted without amendment.

3. No matters arising from the minutes were brought up.

4. Treasurer’s report: Dr Nelson reported that the Society’s funds continue in general good health, with subscriptions slightly up and sales of volumes slightly down, although these figures are distorted by last year’s bumper order by University of Miami, and the cost incurred in sending out ISBN stickers when the previous volume was erroneously printed without its ISBN. The bill for the Society’s latest volume, The White Book of Southwell, is yet to be paid, and is anticipated to be over £20,000. Part of this cost will be met by a £5,000 subsidy from the Stenton Fund, and a further £2,500 by a grant from the Lincoln Record Society. This bill is larger than expected, because Boydell and Brewer had miscalculated when providing the original invoice. It was noted that the popularity of cartularies suggested that the Society should publish more of them in future. Dr Richard Cassidy had audited full accounts for the previous financial year. He was thanked for his work. The accounts were adopted, as proposed by Dr Crook and seconded by Professor Brand.

5 Annual Report: In the present year, the Society has published The White Book of Southwell (edited by Dr Michael Jones and others) launched at a reception at Southwell Minster, and secured a grant from the Stenton Fund for £5,000 towards publishing the Pipe Roll for 10 Henry III (edited by Drs Boatwright and Gallagher). The latter volume is in advanced stages of preparation, as is the Cartae Baronum volume (edited by Dr Stacy). Other volumes nearing completion are Professor Wilkinson’s volume on Eleanor De Montfort’s Household Roll, the publication of which will be followed by Dr Cassidy’s edition of the Pipe Roll for 43 Henry III. A quote of £4,500 has been provided by Simon Neal for the indexing of the Norman Pipe Roll volumes, and the general editors will seek funding to cover this cost. A proposal has been accepted for an edition of the sheriff’s accounts of Henry III by Dr Cassidy.

6 Election of Council: Dr Crook proposed the election of Dr Maddicott as President, Dr Crook as Chairman, Dr Nelson as Treasurer, Dr Dryburgh and Dr Wilkinson as General Editors, and Dr Ambler as Secretary, which proposal was adopted. Dr Crook proposed the election to council of Dr Kathleen Neal, seconded by Dr Jobson, and the proposal was accepted.

7. Independent Examiner of Accounts: Dr Crook proposed that that Dr Cassidy be re-elected to continue as Independent Examiner of Accounts, seconded by Dr Jobson. This was agreed.

9. Revised Constitution: This was adopted unanimously, with council members (at Professor Brand’s suggestion) voting as members rather than councillors.

10. GDPR: Members were briefed on the Society’s compliance with General Data Protection Regulations, a note of which has been published on the Society’s website and circulated to members. The only significant difference to Society procedure is that members’ names and addresses are no longer published in the Society’s volumes.

11. Any Other Business: None was raised.

12. The date of the next AGM was set for 25 June 2019.